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Dhana lakshmi Alamuri is a University Innovation Fellow Candidate, pursuing her undergraduation course in Architecture in the K L University.She is a very sportive person who always tries try improve herself by having self-assesment as she strongly believes that "There is no one who can know about you better than yourself" .Dhana is always movitated and inspired by her surroundings as she believes that "One can gain inspirations for anything and everything one's surroundings and nature, it is just that they should have the perspective to see that".

It has become 20 years that she landed on earth by now. She lives in Vijayawada, Andhra pradesh, India.Two years to go to be an architect. Her passion, love, desire, dream to be THE ARCHITECT has initiated in her since started to build homes with building blocks in her childhood. She loves to build, design, create spaces as homes people use them thinking it as their own. Then they can work, enjoy use the space to bring out their total potentials. In her leisure times dhana writes, sings, does sketching, makes crafts. Love spending time with her buddies as she can be herself with them. Love ART IN MANY KINDS As she feels it as a voice to express when feelings can't be said through words.She loves cooking and is a foodie herself

Last but not least "She believes observations can lead to innovations, inventions and discoveries".


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