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Devika Rani Tamma is an under graduate from third year Computer Science from KKR & KSR INSTITUTE OF
TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES.(Andhra Pradesh). She has completed her primary and secondary education ion Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

She is the active member of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) as a part of corporate communications and public relations. At display examining declaration course at Indian school of business (ISB) in specialized business person course. Furthermore, as a part of ISB she has developed her own idea as a project and developed it as a product to be sold in the market.. She is active on campus involved in many things and as a member of EDC club she organizes different programs on entrepreneurship and innovation.  She is also a member of different student organizations like ACM, CSI in the school.

She is interested in dealing with different subjects like designing, storytelling, music, creative writing and technical subjects. Her passion towards solving the problems faced by farmers in agriculture made her to participate in many hackathons to bring out different products. From the very young age she was in the path of being an Entrepreneur because of her parents. She is moving towards her passion in being as an Entrepreneur to be self-reliant enjoying her own success in the career.  

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