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KKR and KSR Institute of Technology and Sciences Student Priorities

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KKR & KSR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCES, popularly known as KITS was established in the year 2008, by GSR & KKR EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY in Vinjanampadu village, Vatticherukuru Mandal of Guntur district by Sri.Koye Subba Rao, Chairman. KITS is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city life in a scenic and serene environment spread over an expansive 10.9425 acres amidst the lush greenery of mirch and cotton fields of Vinjanampadu Village just 5 kms away from Guntur,due to its location in  the rural backdrop,initially it was hard to spur entrupernuership in the campus,but with the growing awareness in the students ,and the college getting accreited with various organisations helped the students to know about the various skills required by the students to thrive in the modern competitive society and also gave wings to the students to have their own startup plans.

Analysis for problems:

Strategy #1:

How might we help students to have proper idea about their goals

                      This is the one of the major problem that students are facing frequently, i.e. Students don’t have proper idea about their goal and don’t know what actually they are doing. So it’s important for us to know what are their interests are and make them achieve their goals.

Some of the brainstorming ideas:

We need to motivate teachers that directly motivates the students.
We need to know their interest.
We need to provide inputs required for their interest.
College timings are very hectic.
Should motivate the parents.
Should provide clubs based on their interest.
Interaction with industrial people.   


Strategy #2:

How might we improve communication with juniors and seniors


           We think that the communication between juniors and seniors is very important because juniors don’t feel uncomfortable to know everything from their faculty. So if there is a proper communications between juniors and seniors, juniors can ask any doubts or questions from the seniors.

Some of the brainstorming ideas:

We should allow juniors and seniors to meet together in college.
Workshop and seminars should be conducted together.
Seniors should be friendly with juniors.
Seniors should clarify junior’s doubts.
Seniors should not show their seniorities.

Strategy #3:

How might we help library and lab access to all the students

                  A library plays a very important role in promoting the progress of knowledge. So we think that having a library access to all students throughout the college hours is very important.

Some of the brainstorming ideas:

Common library to all students.
Extending library hours.
Online access to digital libraries.
Open access of department libraries.
Outcome based learning should encouraging instead of conceptual learning in labs.
Upgradation of software’s in  labs.

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