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Dennis Vanin
School (Cohort)
Menlo College (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Business Management, Business Analytics


Being an undergraduate student at Menlo College, Dennis Vanin is pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a focus on Business Analytics. His areas of interest are very diverse and reach from reaching high performance in sports, to new innovative and disruptive technologies like blockchain or leadership and personal development. Dennis pays a lot of attention to detail and tries to make the most of every moment. He believes that no matter how ambitious the goal is, the journey is what matters the most and the way you enjoy and appreciate every step of it. One of Dennis' favorite quotes comes from his favorite book and goes as follows: “It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

During his time at Menlo, Dennis was actively involved in different on-campus projects such as co-founding Menlo's first blockchain club and being selected as the entrepreneur in residence, co-hosting a fireside chat about the importance and impact of sleep on the performance in school and sports, together with UIF Fellow Basil Merk and two sleeping experts from Stanford University, or winning second place in a global scaling challenge where three innovative businesses were seeking for assistance to grow succesfully.

As a passionate soccer player and team member of the Menlo men's soccer team, Dennis loves being and working in teams and knows that success is a team sport, on and off the field. He loves to lead by example and help others to unlock their full potential. One of his goals in life is to inspire as many people as possible to follow their dreams and realize them.


- Part of the Menlo men's soccer team

- Second Place at the global scaling challenge hosted UNM Anderson school of management in New Mexico

- Co-founder and entrepreneur in residence Menlo Blockchain Club

- 3.88 GPA (Dean's List on all terms)

- Co-founder of a street wear fashion brand in Switzerland

- UIF Fellow Candidate

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