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Dallas Elleman is a product development engineer with experience in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and robotic systems design, build, programming, field operation, and failure analysis. In 2020 Dallas was invited to join the inaugural Students, Postdocs and Early Career Professionals (SPEC) subcommittee on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) where he and his teammates helped craft policy recommendations for the White House. He is currently a full-time Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Scholar pursuing an MS in Computer Science and a PhD in Cyber Studies at The University of Tulsa (TU), where he earned his BS in Engineering Physics / Robotics. His research interests reside at the intersection of artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and cybersecurity. He is also TU Nova Fellow and a member of TU's first cohort of University Innovation Fellows with Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Design Institute, and gave a TEDx talk on “The One Question You Should Carry With You Everywhere”.

After graduating high school in 2000, Dallas acquired a decade and a half of experience swimming with snakes, drilling steel, clawing through mud, hacking at roots, prying at boulders, crawling across spider-infested fiberglass hellscapes (Oklahoma attics in the heat of summer), climbing frozen utility poles, negotiating with the angry, the betrayed and the confused, and generally covered in sweat and dirt as a marine construction and repair crew leader for Rayco Marinas/North American Marine Industries, as a water meter maintenance worker for the City of Tulsa, and as a field technician ("cable guy") for Cox Communications. In 2012 Dallas enrolled at Tulsa Community College (TCC), was selected in 2014 for a summer internship at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, participated in the National Science Foundation’s first annual (2015) Community College Innovation Challenge as a student member of a finalist team, then again in 2016 as an industry partner for another finalist team from TCC, and for a third time in 2017 as an invited guest panelist. He eventually earned AS degrees in electrical engineering, physics, and mathematics, and while at TCC helped create Tulsa CHAMP, an experiment in sustainable aquaponic agriculture as a vehicle for undergraduate and K-12 research and mentorship. He is a father of 3 with a dream to help shape the future of education by delivering transformative learning experiences for students of all ages, everywhere.

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