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Connor Tisch is a University Innovation Fellows candidate studying Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Innovation,


 Design, and Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University (SCU). Connor became interested in engineering starting in high school when he took a course called Physics Academy. In this class, he learned about physics experimentally as well as completed projects including building a rocket, solar powered dragster, and an autonomous sumo battling robot. This led him to choose to study Mechanical Engineering at SCU.

At Santa Clara University, Connor has found ways to get involved in several organizations and activities on campus. He has been the Service Chair and a founding member of the campus’s colony of Theta Tau, a co-ed professional engineering fraternity that aims to help develop lasting relationships with other members, improve professionalism, and serve the surrounding community. Connor also participates in Santa Clara Innovation and Design Club (SCID) to help improve his skills in the areas of innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship. He has participated in SCID’s “design-a-thon” as well as other on-campus entrepreneurial mindset challenges. He has also expanded his thinking on the design process by taking one-unit engineering elective courses in the field of design thinking such as Opportunity Recognition I and II.

Connor looks forward to making a lasting impact for the students at Santa Clara University with the help of the University Innovation Fellows.


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