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Connor Mulligan, otherwise known as Kai, is an undergraduate student at Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia Tech) studying Industrial Design and Entrepreneurship. Connor is from Raleigh, North Carolina, where he grew up interested in mountain biking, art, and building things with his hands. Connor is pursuing degrees in industrial design and entrepreneurship with the hopes of joining or founding a student team to pursue a business opportunity while in university.

Connor is involved in multiple initiatives and teams at Virginia Tech, including the Science Olympiad leadership team, the Innovate Living Learning Community for Entrepreneurs, the Common Book program, and University Innovation Fellows. He is passionate about product design and design thinking, business, and participating in experiences that instigate collaboration and networking. He believes that the University Innovation Fellows program at VT offers one of the best opportunities for undergraduates to gain experience working on a project at the university wide level while pursuing these interests. He provides value to the team with his abilities to ideate and sketch, his strong conceptual understanding of the design thinking process, work ethic, writing abilities, and team organizational skills.

Connor looks forward to working with the three other fellows, Shafe Ahmed, Sydney Miller, and TJ Cosby, to create something that will promote a culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and be sustained at the university for the foreseeable future.