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Connor McCormick grew up in Denver, Colorado; he is finishing his final semester at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a Bachellor of Innovation in Business Administration, a Cross-core in Engineering Technology with an emphasis in computer science, and a minor in Economics. After graduation Connor will move on to work full time at a startup he co-founded in 2014 as his company accepts their first funding round. Lot Spot tracks parking availability at universities and large companies so drivers can find parking faster, and so parking managers can save money. You can check out the website here: www.lotspotinc.com

When Connor's not attatching a camera to the roof of a parking garage you may find him travelling somewhere in South America - in fact it was living with a family in Ecuador that first sparked his interest in business. Where Connor's happiest is lost somewhere among high-alpine peaks, surrounded by snowfields, buffeted by the wind, and alone but for the stars.

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