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Claire Sakaguchi is a 4th year design student at the University of Oregon (UO) Honors College pursing a BS in product design and a minor in business. As a life long maker and creator, she finds creativity and innovation an important part of her every day life. Her interest in design comes from experiences in human centered design, UX design, bio-inspired design, interaction design, social design and industrial design.

Claire helped co-create the Design for America studio at the University of Oregon in 2011, where they were chosen as one of the first 7 studios to become part of the DFA national network. The DFA team at UO believes in the power of interdisciplinary teams using human centered design to make great impacts in their local communities. As the Industrial Design Society of America UO chapter president, Claire strives to address the gaps she sees missing in an academic setting to better prepare students for real world experiences. With an interested in healthcare design, Claire is writing her senior thesis about needle fear in children and hopes to use human centered design to create a design solution to reduce pediatric needle phobia. Claire has also interned for Spirit Leather Works: Will Leather Goods and LLC of Nike Golf, Anthropologie and Autodesk, where she has worked on a wide variety of design projects. Claire strives to use design and design thinking to understand people and their pain points in order to create solutions that will actually solve people’s problems. On her campus, Claire hopes to bridge the gaps between entrepreneurship, innovation and product design to create a holistic understanding of how they can all fit together.

Aside from her academic life, Claire is fascinated by world cultures and people. Traveling is one of her favorite things to do and she aspires to work on projects with cross-cultural significance. Lastly, she loves being active and enjoys things like hiking, dancing, kickboxing and rock climbing. 

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