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Personal Bio:

Christopher Kuehn, "Chris" for many, and just "Kuehn" for some, is an aspiring industrial and systems engineer going into his second year at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus. He sees value in the creativity and drive of technically minded people, and hopes to use his studies in engineering, business relations, and systems management to help reduce barriers to entry for inventors (both student and beyond) in tech markets around the globe.

He spent a year volunteering for the pediatric medical device non-profit engineering firm Designwise Medical as a 3D modeling and prototyping engineer, and just wrapped up his summer internship as a manufacturing engineer for the custom electronics manufacturer Precision Inc. He hopes to gain a vast knowledge of a variety of engineering fields through studies and work experiences to better communicate with technically oriented people. Chris also has a fascination with the system and concept of crowdfunding, and hopes to capitalize upon it with his startup venture, the Populus Community Investment Platform.

Chris's loving parents, engineers themselves, constantly support him with an atmosphere of creativity and ingenuity, and his brother and sister help keep him grounded during his various expositions. Outside of his ambitions, Chris can often be found perusing the lakes on his wakeboard like any good Minnesotan should, drumming along to anything from 70's pop to modern alternative, or building custom crafted longboards for friends out of his basement shop.

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