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University of Minnesota, University Innovation Fellow Fall 2014

Tyler is a serial entrepreneur and a current junior at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. Raised in rural Wisconsin, he started his first business at 14 selling antiques and novelties online. Since then Tyler has worked in food service, healthcare, finance, and real estate both in established companies and start-ups. Currently, he is working as a Fellow at the University of Minnesota CoLab. CoLab is the first collaborative work space at the University of Minnesota where students from all areas of study gather to develop entrepreneurial solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. He serves at External Relations Liaison, spreading the word about what CoLab can do and developing the relationships necessary to start, scale, and operate new ideas, projects, and businesses. In his free time, Tyler is active in student government, serving as a representative to his school’s Board of Regents. He enjoys high adventure and is an avid church goer.