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Hey, I'm Chris! 

I’m currently a junior at Lehigh University.

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I’m just a small-town boy with big dreams and bigger aspirations. Growing up working on a farm and in a factory, I developed an appreciation early in life for hard work, but quickly realized there were much more efficient ways to make money. In high school I started a professional lighting and sounds company and amongst other things, enjoyed capitalizing on arbitrage through ecommerce (mostly buying and reselling fashion and technology goods). I once even used $100 to trade my way up to a speedboat that secured me a 70x return. I was a state champion soccer player, and continued my athletic career into college as a Division 1 sprinter and overall fitness buff. My sophomore year of college I started a coed, fraternity style living community centered on healthy living and a conscientious role in society. It has grown to about 50 members, all living under one roof. Utilizing University funding, we are able to create unforgettable events, activities, and experiences. I am starting a similar community beginning next year which revolves around innovation and entrepreneurship. My intent is for it to be the only “live-in” entrepreneurial eco-system of its kind. My interests and hobbies include fashion, design, diy, and technology.

Lehigh University Student Athlete

Double Major:

  • Marketing - concentration in product/service development
  • Management - concentration in business consulting


  • Entrepreneurship

Recent Work Experience:

  • Innovation Strategist in the Men's Apparel industry - researching and implementing advanced manufacturing techniques and proprietary materials in align with brand image and business strategy

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