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Chris is a current Senior Entrepreneurship and Business Administration student at the University of Scranton, who enjoys finding new and innovative ways to give back to the community. Chris has spent countless hours developing Wayne House Designs, a student-run T-shirt business that donates its profits to expand entrepreneurial businesses within Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, and most recently, Haiti. As CEO of Wayne House Designs, Chris oversees daily operations and provides other students with real world experience as to how a business functions. Moreover, Chris has undertaken other projects such as starting an Entrepreneurship Mentoring group within his university to empower students to strengthen and grow their potential business ideas. Through his work, Chris has been able to donate thousands of dollars to organizations such as the Akilah Institute for Woman, which provides woman with a chance to expand their knowledge of creative innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset. Since he was six, Chris has launched several successful businesses, but prides himself on his ability to learn and adapt from the businesses that failed. Most recently, Chris has collaborated with students on campus to launch a 3D printing sector to his already existing company.

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