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The University of Scranton is a Jesuit school located in Scranton, Pennsylvania complete with a 4-year accredited undergraduate program in Entrepreneurship and complimented by a culture that is geared towards giving back to the community from a hands-on learning perspective. The Entrepreneurship major provides students of any major within the University with a practical understanding of entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for success.  Students have the opportunity to submit business plans developed as part of the major and even the minor to external business plan competitions. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Culture

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Courses in Entrepreneurship and Innovation are offered mainly through both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Kania School of Management. These courses are typically involved with the entrepreneurship department and the engineering department and both employ the use of pro-active learning techniques.   

The following is a list of Entrepreneurial and Innovative courses that are offered at the University of Scranton during the Spring Semester of 2015:

  • ENTR 362 Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs
  • ENTR 363 Applied Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs
  • ENTR 373 Business Creativity and Innovation
  • ENTR 375 Family Run Business
  • ENTR 478 Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENTR 480 Entrepreneurship Capstone
  • BLDR 386 Business Leadership- Empowerment
  • CMPS 250 Machine Organization and Assembly
  • EE 243L Digital System Design Lab
  • EE 454 Robotics Design and Professional Practice
  • ENGR 254L 3D Computer-Aided Design
  • MIT 322 2-D Computer Animation Techniques
  • EC 472 Electronic Business and Entrepreneurship
  • OM 546 Entrepreneurship and New Venture

Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship minor provides students of any major within the University with a practical understanding of entrepreneurial skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for success. Students have the opportunity to submit business plans developed as part of the minor to external business plan competitions. An Entrepreneurship internship or project is an integral part of the minor. The minor consists of 18 credits for non-business majors and 16 credits for business school majors. The first course, ENTR 372, is capped at 20 students effectively limiting each year's cohort of entrepreneurship minors to 20 students. The rolling selection process is based upon an interview with the program director and evaluation of a brief written essay. Freshman and Sophomores are encouraged to contact the program director. The first course is offered in the fall semester of the junior year.

Entrepreneurship Department

Founded in 2010, the Entrepreneurship Department has continued to provide a unique learning experience for all students involved. Since then, the department has paired with Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners and VentureWell to help improve the entrepreneurial culture on campus. Students in both the major and minor have opportunitites to compete in multiple business plan competitions, as well as start-up weekends to experience the entrepreneurial mindset. For the students who are accepted into the program, their ideas can be transformed into physical products and services over the two year tract and experience the "learn as you go" mentality entrepreneurs face. For those students who are not apart of the program can still participate and experience entrepreneurship through the Entrepreneurship Mentor Team, a club that operates two fully operational businesses. In its fifth year, the program has already recieved recognition as one of the top undergraduate programs in the United States. 

Local Economic Efforts

The University of Scranton is one of the largest employers in the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania and is crucial to stimulating the local economy. The university consistently works with several firms in the area to provide jobs to recent graduate and undergraduate students. Recently, the university has planned to work on a rehabilitation center that will be open to both the public and students. 

Maker Spaces

Currently there are no maker spaces located on campus at the University of Scranton. However, two blocks from the central hub of campus is The Wayne House, a school-owned, multi-level house that the Entrepreneurship department uses for various classes and extracurricular activites. Also, the Scranton Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has provided several locations for maker spaces including the TekRidge Center, an already existing space that can be tailored to any businesses needs. 

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