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Chan Hyung Park is an University Innovation Fellows at Washington University in St. Louis, working with Epicenter leaders from Stanford to provide more opportunities and resources to fellow students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Aside from being a stock investor and learning to sing, he is also a captain of the university debate team. Before coming to school, he had taken a gap year where he backpacked in 10 nations for six months with his own savings of 9000 dollars. From there, he had grown interests in developing nations and traveling. He is honored to be a delegate to 2014 and 2015 Duke/UNC China Leadership conferences, and 2014 University of Chicago Booth Emerging Markets Conference. He is keen on opportunities in developing nations and wants to benefit the local people, while inspiring and benefiting his friends. For example, last year he temporarily employed about 25 students to buy and sell IPhones to rich customers in a developing nation.

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