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In short, a curly-headed cutie looking to do some good in the world. In length, I am a marketing major//French minor looking to do my best in the midwest as I take on my sophomore year in Tulsa, OK. Last semester I was fortunate enough to work with Dr. Charles Wood along with other amazing individuals on the pilot year of something called Oklahoma Young Entrepreneur Awards or OYEA! as it is known. We brought in young innovators from the Tulsa area to show us how they would tackle a world issue of their choosing and it was nothing short of incredible. I helped to manage the social media outlets and supervise the April event day. OYEA! is looking to expand to the greater OK area this year as these students pave the way for a better, more innovative world. I believe that the young people of this world are the change makers/doers so it is vital movements like OYEA! take off. In addition to this, I am a University Ambassador for TU (aka I give top-notch tours of my beautiful campus) and serve on the special events committee to show why prospective students should love TU as much as I do.  I also serve as intramural chair(wo)man for my sorority so catch me on the tennis/volleyball court if you want to witness nothing less than athletic greatness. Currently, myself and two others are the only UIF trainees on Tulsa's campus but I remain optimistic that change can happen even with a few individuals leading the charge. 

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