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School (Cohort)
Istanbul Technical University (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Environment Engineering


Cansu Çevik, born in İstanbul 2000. Büyükşehir Hüseyin Yıldız Anatolian High School to study Environmental Engineering at Istanbul Technical University.

Begining of the University journey, i have been to the UK by personal resources and lived there for a while to improve my english, social skills and network. Loved to meet new people with different cultures and religions. With lots of them still i am in touch.

At the moment second year student in Environmental Engineering at ITU. I am interested in nature and its own unique style and movement, in other words lover of the nature. Also like adrenalin in this way P2 licenced paragliding pilot and amature camper. I have always been interested in improve something to help more people as much as effective way. During the high school years attended lots of local innovation projects and get quite good feedbacks. Thats the main thing encourages me to spent more time in innovation and entrepreneurship. In the first year of the university i got chance to work on inniovation more by the Fire-Up project by the Ginova Innovation and Enrepreneurship program at ITU. During this project i get more excited about improving and creating new ideas especially for our campus student and their incampus related problems. I have interviewed more than 30 collegues about ' What is main problem in here and How we can improve it, Why we should believe this school environment people ' . Through Fire- Up we improve a project with my team to make our colleuges happy and satisfied about the campus and student life. We are still in process about it.

Apart from these, I am interested in cooking. I enjoy to try new tastes and share it with my surroundngs. I love music,i help taking pictures of my friends who has a rock band and design their scene exposure in an amoture way . Also enjoy taking pictures during the camping, hiking and nature walks. In general, I can summarize myself in this way.

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