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Residing in El Pinar, Canelones, Camila is deeply passionate about human rights, innovation, and the arts, shaping a diverse profile.

Academically, Camila is pursuing a degree in law and is also currently enrolled in a minor program in criminology. Beyond the legal realm, Camila possesses an insatiable curiosity that extends to various facets of life:

From a very young age, she has shown great interest in painting, artistic expression and music.

As a published author, Camila's book titled "Ahora que lo Pienso" provides reflections and philosophical insights for young minds. Her commitment to writing remains steadfast as she continues to create new works.

In 2022, Camila took an active role in a university extension initiative of Centro Berit. As part of this initiative, she contributed to a project involving poetic writing workshops within correctional facilities, working with individuals deprived of their liberty. Through her involvement, Camila came to deeply believe in the transformative power of writing, viewing it as a tool to effect positive change within society.

She is an activist for human rights and gender equality. Throughout his adolescence he participated in various volunteer activities. In addition, for three years she led a Christian youth group called Comunidad Viva, where his main objective was to generate a positive impact in his neighborhood.

She has taken courses such as Legal Design Thinking and Liderazgo Ignaciano at his University, in which she learned about Design Thinking and volunteering with migrants.

Camila's sensitivity and creativity enhance her perspectives, making her an asset in collaborative endeavors. She loves nature, delights in road trips, climbing, and playing the guitar. Family time holds great importance, with her grandparents serving as profound sources of inspiration.

In summary, Camila skillfully balances legal acumen, artistic fervor, and a deep commitment to human rights advocacy.

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Camila D'Oliveira
School (Cohort)
Universidad Católica del Uruguay (2023 cohort)
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Fun Facts

-She speaks Italian and a bit of Brazilian Portuguese.💬

-She has a deep love for Latin American music, particularly salsa.💃

-Several times a year, she becomes a clown at children's events in churches near her home🤡

-Enjoys preparing Mexican cuisine with passion.🌮

-Once a week, she offers an oil painting workshop that her neighbors attend.🎨

-She acted in two short films set in the 80s🎭

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