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Caleb Moore
School (Cohort)
Utah Valley University (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Information Systems
United States of America


I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwestern United States. Invested in a fulfilling life experience, I've worked more jobs than I can count, and I loved every one! I just recently decided that I wanted to pursue a post-secondary education to fortify my desire to make a difference, and started school at UVU. I've pursued various career choices, oscillating mostly between Business, Humanities, and Computer science.

My ultimate goal is to go into small business, nonprofit, and developmental business consulting, while pursuing a personal research and advocacy path in religious psychology and political philosophy.

On the weekends you will find me discussing philosophy with my friends, spending inordinate amounts of time meditating in the mountains, and attending networking events to meet more movers and shakers around the world.


I'm hoping my greatest achievements are yet to come. (:

Social media profiles

https://www.linkedin.com/in/caleb-moore-initiativist/ https://www.instagram.com/calebfmoore/

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