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Caleb Marks is a University Innovation Candidate and is also a junior at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering.

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Caleb grew up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Growing up, he found a growing affinity for leadership that lead him into playing different sports such as basketball, volleyball, football and more. In high school, he learned that engineering was his true passion and decided to pursue electrical engineering at UWM. In college Caleb went out and joined different clubs like Prototyping Club and the Immersive Media Lab to explore his passion.

The Prototyping Lab and Immersive Media Lab were amazing resources for Caleb because they helped him get involved in bigger things and gave him an opportunity to express his true passion: design. The Prototyping Lab was a great experience for Caleb and taught him to keep an entrepreneurial mindset. The Immersive Media Lab was another great experience for Caleb; there he learned the value of interdisciplinary work and eventually got involved with UIF.

Currently in UIF, Caleb is exploring ways for interdisciplinary classes to become easier for students of different majors to take those classes. Caleb feels so deeply impacted from his past interdisciplinary experiences that he would like to share that with others by making it more accessible.

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