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Buthaina Rashed AlKhayat is a University Innovation Fellow from Khalifa University in Abudhabi, UAE. She is an Electrical Engineering student who's recently been on an exchange program at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. Buthaina views herself as a 20 year old wanderer and explorer living for new experiences and encounters. From desert dunes, to rocky mountains, to forests, she thinks everything is worth looking into. Her hobbies include being as adventurous as one can be, playing the piano, reading and doing sports.She is proud to have accomplished winning first place in a basketball and badminton tournament, second place in a chess match, and third in a swimming competition. She is also proud to have gotten through her first two years of university; she takes pride in being able to adapt to a change in atmosphere. Buthiana finds it important to believe in what you do and pursue what makes you happy and to remind yourself that its alright to cry at a sad movie or feel scared sometimes; its just an indication of being human.

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