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Hi! I'm Bret Henkel, a sophomore engineering studnet at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.  I am originally from Sacramento, California, where I lived until going to Fox.Things that I am passionate about include community, faith, learning, and travel.  Some of my favorite memories are camping with my family in National Parks in the western half of the United States and traveling overseas on missions trips.  Closer to home I have had many days of laughter, frustration, and fun working on projects with my friends including cannons, PVC rockets, a "diving bell" at the bottom of the pool, an arcade table using a Raspberry Pi, a popsicle stick bridge, and a forge to melt aluminum.  

I am studying mechanical engineering, but taking a few classes in both computer and biomedical engineering, other fields that fascinate me.  I hope that during my time at George Fox I am able to pursue more projects with my friends where I can grow alongside them in knowing Jesus, in understanding the world, and in helping others.

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