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Brenna Robertson is a University Innovation Fellow and a sophomore Business Management major, Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor, in search of a Not-for-Profit Administration Certificate at the University of Tulsa (TU). She is passionate about social justice, making a different in the world, and finding joy. Brenna called St. Louis, MO home up until she went to college in Tulsa, OK. Her first exposure to Innovation and Entrepreneurship was in high school, but she did not desire to pursue I&E due to her feeling of inadequacy. That all changed the first semester of her freshman year at TU as she pursued her major, taking Applied Creativity & Innovation. Applied Creativity & Innovation changed her outlook on life and the definition of creativity.

Brenna was an active founding member of the Staying Gold Society, a creative society dedicated to “recapturing youth, regaining perspective, and reigniting creativity.” In the fall of 2018, she became a University Innovation Fellow and an active participant in NOVA Fellowship, TU’s own innovation group.

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