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Benjamin Bradley received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and History from and currently is a Master’s student in the Department of History at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Ben is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, though he has lived in Colorado, Texas, Ohio, and Illinois. It is likely the desire to learn about new places he moved to which instilled his passion for studying history. Firmly believing there are good stories to be told no matter where one looks, Ben's studies have focused on a variety of things, from parking, to gambling, to eighteenth century Scottish and French Economist, John Law.

Ben wants to see more technology and innovation in the humanities. Together with Joshua Canon he wants to create a full Digital Humanities Studio at SIUC to give students opportunities to explore new mediums and tools for their research. Ben works for the Center for Teaching Excellence at SIUC where he helps develop mobile learning applications and bring innovations to the classroom.

In his free time, Ben runs a Vintage Base Ball Club, serves as Vice President of the History Graduate Student Association, and is a member of the History Reacting Club at SIU. He has a secret passion for collecting fun socks, and plays board games no one has heard of. In the summer he takes an annual camping trip with a small group of friends, usually to various locations in the Rocky Mountains.


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