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Avital Wulz is a University Innovation Fellow and a dual Masters student in Social Work and Public Health at the University of Georgia (UGA). Her focus involves interdisciplinary approaches to addressing systemic issues. Avital is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She received her Bachelor in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science from the University of Georgia in 2015. After which, she worked for an incubator-like organization, the Center for Compassion, Integrity, and Secular Ethics, developing initiatives focused on increasing prosocial human values, such as compassion, integrity and other ethical values. Two of Avital’s most influential experiences were developing a higher education program for incarcerated women in Georgia and co-developing an ethics training program and facilitating the training across the US and abroad. These experiences highlight her passion for developing innovative solutions for large systemic issues facing society.

Presently, Avital is a Graduate Assistant at the Center for Social Justice, Civil and Human Rights at UGA’s School of Social Work. In this position, she connects community social justice activists with the University, as well as organizes events and brings awareness to social justice issues facing the Athens and national community. Avital is the Associate Producer of the Voices for Social Justice podcast, a series aimed at raising the voices of social justice activists and community members through honest and real conversations.

When Avital learned about the University Innovation Fellows program, she immediately knew social scientists and practitioners, like herself, needed a seat at the table of innovation. Together with three other women pursuing their graduate degrees in social science, Avital aims to increase diversity and inclusion throughout the university to encourage new perspectives, different ideas, and stimulate innovation inside and outside the classroom.

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