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Innovations have always been a passion of mine. The desire to create extraordinary, out of the box solutions, which improve one's experience, is something crucial to me. Since a young age, I have been very detail-oriented, positive and not fearing the unknown. These characteristics have helped me when facing problems, both at university and working as a software developer.

In my opinion, there are people born with innovative perspective, who do everything in their power to improve the world around them. While studying at High School of Mathematics "Dr. Petar Beron", I completed my education at Software University, taking various courses and regular exams. This helped me become fluent in software development and a better team-worker. Moreover, I developed my learning and time management skills, while studying at both these places. Right after graduation I was employed at my current job as a .NET developer. Doing all these things at such a young age proved me to be capable of fighting for my dreams – being committed, going the extra mile in order to succeed. Studying at Varna Free University and developing software solutions at the same time has made me very focused and able to look at things from a different perspective in order to improve. I also learnt not to let my rational mind, or other people, hold me back.

To me, everyone should eagerly pursuit their passion, do more and improve themselves day by day. Being innovative is being truly yourself – following what you believe in, finding as many solutions as possible to each and every problem you are facing and most importantly – not thinking of losses as something negative, but as a lesson that will make you better.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/asyamincheva/