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Ashley Arnson
School (Cohort)
Utah Valley University (2022 cohort)
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I'm a 21 year old independent & driven woman that does what she says she going to do. :) I am currently working as a freelance photographer and branching out into different digital media career paths. I love creating art and telling stories! Branding and content are super interesting to me as well as fitness and health! I am an avid gym goer and love cooking and trying new recipes. I love any and all sports and will step up and play even if I don't know the rules haha. Any sort of competition and I will be there. Going along with how I love telling stories, I love to watch and perform stand up comedy as well ahah. But yeah, anything fitness, health, comedy, art, sports, or digital media, I'm in.


- One of my biggest accomplishments actually happened a few weeks ago. I completed the mental toughness program 75HARD. I lost 15lbs in those 75 days and gained a LOT of opportunities and skills within that time frame as well because of my determination and focus throughout that process. For those who don't know what 75HARD is, it's where you have to do two 45min workouts (one has to be outside no matter the weather), drink a gallon of water, stick to a diet, not cheat meals or alcohol, read 10 pages of a non fiction book, and take a progress picture every day for 75 days straight. Most people only get to day 40-50 and I know only one other person who has also completed it, so it was a very big accomplishment for me. The hardest I've ever worked for that long of a timeframe.

- I've also earned Photographer of the Month the second month I started working at a family photography studio called CameraShy when I first started out in photography 3 years ago.

- I played lacrosse for UVU this last year and we were ranked #1 in the nation for most of the season and won 4th at Lacrosse USA Nationals in Texas which was pretty cool! That was the first time UVU women's lacrosse has ever even been RANKED, so crazy step up!

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Instagram & Snapchat: @ashley.arnson

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