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About Aristides


Aristides Milios is a highly motivated university student passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. From an early age Aristides loved learning how technology works. At the age of 15, Aristides co-founded a startup with a classmate that aimed to create Google Analytics but for retail stores through wireless beacons that detect phone signals. Becoming enmeshed in the local startup community (and Volta, a local startup house) in Halifax, Aristides's startup Bitness went through the Launch36 and Propel ICT accelerator programs. Through his ties to the Volta community, Aristides and that same classmate jointly co-founded Hoist, a monthly meet for youth interested in technology and entrepreneurship topics. Since beginning university, Aristides's passion has not slowed, with his continued involvement in tech and entrepreneurship on the Dalhousie University campus, where he is studying Computer Science with a minor in Political Science.

Aristides's involvement in the startup community of Atlantic Canada has reached far and wide. Aristides went to the YES Atlantic Conference on Youth Entrepreneurship in New Brunswick and spoke on a panel about his experiences as a young founder. He has helped begin the process to spread Hoist Halifax Canada-wide, starting with the first chapter in the Hoist network, Hoist Annapolis Valley, located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the location of Acadia University. He also participated in the Shad Valley program in between the 10th and 11th grades of high school, which cemented his love of all things science, tech and entrepreneurship to an even larger extent. Aristides is also fluently bilingual in English and Greek, being born of Greek parents and having a dual citizenship, with fairly good knowledge of French as well. He is also knowledgeable in the area of web development, from being a freelance web developer "on the side" of his schooling and through being the technical co-founder of his startup. Aristides is also a recipient of the Schulich scholarship at Dalhousie, at a worth of over $40,000 over four years.


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