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Amna Alqahtani
School (Cohort)
Khalifa University of Science and Technology (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Petroleum Engineering
United Arab Emirates


Amna Alqahtani is from the United Arab Emirates and proud to be a hybrid, her father is an Emirati while her mother is a Pilipino woman. She is an undergraduate student at Khalifa University of Science and Technology majoring in Petroleum Engineering.

Amna’s hometown in Sharjah but currently living in Abu Dhabi far away from her parents to pursue her undergraduate degree. The support and encouragement that she gets from her parents allowed her to get enrolled in one of the top public universities in Abu Dhabi.

Amna’s best quality is the fact that she is a fast learner. Even if she doesn’t have that much experience with a certain task, with a bit of guidance she can accomplish it quickly. During her spare time, she enjoys sports, traveling, and volunteering work either in her country or abroad.


- A Dean's List academic awarded by ADNOC scholarship in 2018.

- Being a part of the Abu Dhabi Science Festival in 2016, educating children about robotics.

- Volunteered in The Hope Makers in 2019, to build a kitchen for an elderly people in Tanzania.

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