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Amita Shukla is a University Innovation Fellow and student at Columbia University pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering and Operations Research.

She is passionate about civic tech and improving American governance through improved use of technology and data.
Past endeavors to that end include:

1. Designing and implementing a data dashboard for new diplomats at the U.S. Department of State to quantitatively understand the regions they are deploying to
2. Developing and maintaining a virtual dialogue platform at the United Nations for scientists and policymakers to jointly develop evidence-based policy

Amita aims to enhance all the communities she is part of, including Columbia, West Harlem, and her small town New Jersey hometown. 
As a candidate for the University Innovation Fellows by Stanford's Design and Engineering School, Amita hopes to encourage students to take advantage of Columbia's physical spaces and exert claimancy over their campus. She believes through feeling that they have welcoming physical spaces on campus, Columbia students will feel more autonomous in the rest of their campus lives.