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Alejandra Sosa Dias
School (Cohort)
Universidad Católica del Uruguay (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Engineering


Alejandra is a really motivated third year computer engineer student.

Her biggest belief is that having a good attitude it´s important in every circumstance of life. Because of that she is full of energy and a hopeful person, which helps her to bounce back and persevere despite setbacks.

She is an empathetic and committed person, who loves to help and really try to put herself in other people's shoes to achieve the other's perspective. During the first two years at the Catholic university, she was chosen to represent her classmates in front of the university authorities, she had to raise the concerns, ideas, and problems of her classmates. She also participated in a university program called Peer-Mentors, she supported a group of students in their first year throughout their process of adapting to university life, telling them about all the centers/areas and activities of the university. Now, she is part of a group of young people who volunteer with children who are in a very critical context, every Saturday they prepare breakfast for kids, organize games and activities for them to have fun.

Alejandra is a spirited person who always wants to learn new things. She knows that every knowledge she has, it would help her to solve a problem or make easier to help with other people´s problems.

Some years ago, she took a software testing and transversal skills course that allowed her to work in IT, in two well-known Uruguayan companies. That gave her more self-confidence and she learned to develop a spirit of sacrifice and commitment.

Her greatest wish is to be able to contribute with her knowledge in technology to solve social and environmental problems.


She managed to overcome the shyness she had as a child. Now, she is sociable, she enjoys meeting new people, she loves feeling new emotions and living different experiences.

Social media profiles

Email: alejandra92401@gmail.com LI: www.linkedin.com/in/alejandra-sosa-dias-mena-4b39bb194 Ig: @ale_sosadias

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