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Ale is a Graphic Design student from 
Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago de Chile.


22 years filled with energy, restlessness, expression, optimism, closeness, warmth, dedication, art and melancholy. Now on my way to becoming a Fellow. 

Countless trips, whole afternoons spent on treetops, complete days staring at the sky have given me quite a different vision of life. Always with a few tricks up my sleeve, from colorful markers to my camera. The art in my life has always been the same: the transmission of feelings, the delivery of experiences.

The day I decided to go to Design school I made a choice of making a career that becomes part your inner self. It’s not a job in which you take off your uniform when you get home and cease to work. We are always designing, communicating, we are machines of constant creation of dreams and ideas. As a Designer, my objective is to be able to reach people’s hearts’s, sometimes changing paradigms, some others only providing moments to remember, to smile about, to meditate or to find taste in the value of detail; make the invisible visible.

Changing the world is a tough task but, step by step and taking care of every little detail we are to communicate and leave a trace. A reminder that in this world, with races at the speed of light, even though it might seem dark sometimes, there are still infinite marvels to be wondered. A lot of people, a lot of worlds. A lot to share, to teach, and above all, to learn.


“I wanted only to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?”

- Hermann Hesse 

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