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Aishah Al Samahi
School (Cohort)
Khalifa University of Science and Technology (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Chemical and Nuclear engineering
United Arab Emirates


Aishah Al Samahi is an engineering student at Khalifa University who is pursuing a degree in both Chemical and Nuclear engineering. Aishah is from Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. She has completed her schooling at Fujairah Private Academy and is currently studying her bachelors at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. In the future Aishah aspires to further complete her higher studies in both Engineering management and Nuclear engineering.

Aishah is a creative and innovative individual, and this characteristic in her always drives her to push for the better and seek the ‘next big thing’, and this is what encouraged her to join the University Innovation Fellows program. In addition to that, Aishah is very hardworking and ensures to complete her work in the most efficient manner by managing her time properly.

Aside from academics, Aishah has an interest in Art and Fashion. She believes that the most accurate way to describe her self would be through different forms of art, whether it’s a musical piece, a picture or even a painting. To her, art is one of the purest form of self reflection, as art doesn’t discriminate between race, identity or culture, instead, it enhances and celebrates those differences in the most beautiful and breath-catching ways.


Aishah’s greatest achievements include being nominated as leader for multiple group projects and working collaboratively with team members to ensure the success of the projects. One of her initial leader roles was when she was assigned as headgirl during high school, and she is grateful for that opportunity as it taught her a lot about good leadership that allow leaders to lead and empower others. During her time at university, she was selected as treasurers of AICHE (2021-2022) and she has joined and been accepted into multiple programs such as the Young Future Energy Leader (YFEL) and the University Innovation Program (UIF). Furthermore, Aishah has voluntarily joined programs available at Khalifa University such as the Lead Mentor program to help younger freshmen students.

Social media profiles

Instagram: aishah_samahi

Gmail: aesamahi@gmail.com

University email: 100053658@ku.ac.ae

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aishah-es-13a37b134

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