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Adari Durga Sai Shashank is a University Innovation Fellow Candidate and an undergraduate student pursuing his third year of Bachelor of Technology degree in the stream of Computer Science Engineering at K L UNIVERSITY, India. He is a native of a city Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and currently stays in a town Siddipet, Telangana.

 He believes peer learning and hands on experience teach more than the contemporary teaching methods. He is a passionate learner, explorer and self-directed with the ability to learn and adapt. He has been an outgoing individual and has partaken in numerous extra and co curricular excercises directly from his kindergarten days.Shashank as a person is an expressive introvert- one who loves and enjoys being around people and is also a strong work ethic. Wherever he is, he loves to uplift people's spirits and inspires others to recognize their potential. This passion has led him to the University Innovation Fellows where he is working to bring the joy of experiential learning in his campus.


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