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Annaliese Cole-Weiss

Annaliese Cole-Weiss is a University Innovation Fellow and student at Colorado State University (CSU) pursuing a BA in Art and a minor in Spanish. Annaliese is originally from Asheville, North Carolina but has lived in a number of places including Colorado and Louisiana, and has spent time living abroad in South America. Eager to return to Colorado, Annaliese decided to attend CSU and has fallen in love with Fort Collins. Soon after starting at CSU, Annaliese discovered the ceramics department and realized what an incredible program and opportunity it was. Annaliese is involved in a number of student organizations, as well as is the Financial Officer of the CSU Pottery Guild.

Through the Art Department she was given the opportunity to join the University Innovation Fellows program.

Annaliese is very passionate about using creativity and design thinking as tools to make change on campus and is very exited to join the UIF program in order to be a change-maker on her campus and beyond. UIF equips students with the tools they need to continuously engage in change making on campus and throughout the rest of their careers. Annaliese excited to see where UIF can take her!

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