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Abioye Gbolahan
School (Cohort)
Morgan State University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science


Meet Gbolahan, a passionate and dedicated individual currently pursuing Degrees in Computer Science/Cloud Computing. His journey through academia has been an exciting exploration of the vast world of technology, equipping him with a strong foundation in various technical aspects, including network security, data privacy, and cloud infrastructure. His enthusiasm for learning has led him to actively seek out opportunites to gain and apply his knowledge.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Gbolahan is a driven individual with Amidst the dynamic spheres of academia, he holds his family in the highest regard. Spending cherished moments with them offers him solace and rejuvenation. While technology and blueprints captivate him, he also finds solace in traversing new horizons. Exploring diverse cultures through travel enriches his outlook, transcending conventional learning.

Gbolahan views the Fellowship Program as an avenue to harmonize his passion for technology, construction, and unceasing learning. Joining a collective of kindred spirits united by their commitment to innovation resonates profoundly with his aspirations. The chance to collaborate, contribute, and evolve within such a dynamic environment fuels his anticipation. The Fellowship Program beckons as a transformative opportunity for him to synthesize his diverse interests and make a meaningful impact on the collective journey toward excellence.


Computer science Academic excellence award - Morgan State University (2021)

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