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Name : Abhishek Chopra

College : ABES Engineering College

Something to define me : "A curious mind in the sea of knowledge"

Abhishek is an innovator with a never ending thirst for knowledge . He is an active participant at various Innovation related activities both on and off campus.A student with excellent ability for logical and intuitive thinking, Abhishek has proved himself to be a talented and brilliant student. He accepts constructive criticism and instructions concerning his effort and actively tries to improve upon it. His ability to understand a problem and figure out a fresh , out of the box solution is indeed worth a mention. He will always be valued for the remarkable contribution and the skill and the cognizance with which he presents with his ideas.

              A good, wholesome personality coupled with leadership qualities and an unquenchable thirst to learn makes him a remarkable addition to any community. He is wonderfully molded to be creative and think beyond. As a part of his project teams, hehas frequent discussions with his team members regarding the implementation of new ideas and is always willing to take up responsibilities.

He is also the organizer of one of the biggest hackathons in DelhiNCR , HackTREC (hacktrec.in)

He supports Free & Open Source Software with a passion and is a Campus Ambassador for Mozilla as well as Fedora .

A "Maker" by heart , he is constantly experimenting with various bleeding edge technologies and hacking together innovative software applications

Abhishek's motivation for being a University Innovation fellow lie primarily in spreading knowledge and inculcating a Innovation focused ecosystem in the ABES's academic centric system.