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Aayush Bhatta Profile Picture.jpg
Aayush Bhatta
School (Cohort)
Fisk University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science
United States


Aayush Bhatta is a junior majoring in computer science at Fisk University. He is originally from Nepal. Aayush is a tech enthusiast who has affinity to code and create an impact. He believes that you can solve complex problem in this world with the knowledge of computer science. Besides that, he believes it is a right of everyone to get proper education as it opens door to a lot of opportunities that can change the way people think, behave, and interact which eventually makes the world a better place to live in peacefully.

Aayush plays table tennis, pool, basketball in his free time. He loves watching movies and series and loves to do hiking. With all the things he learned up to now, he wants to give back to his juniors and his community that helped him to be in the position he is right now.


Meta - Above and Beyond Computer Science Program

Microsoft Explore Internship -- Software Engineering + Product Management

Google Tech Exchange Scholar

Fisk University Honors Scholar

Fisk University Provost Scholar

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