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Ömer Tarık İnce
School (Cohort)
Istanbul Technical University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Environmental Engineering


Ömer Tarık İnce was born and raised in Istanbul/Kadıköy in 2002. He completed his high school at Haydarpaşa High School and then he got into Istanbul Technical University and he is studying environmental engineering at ITU since October 2020.

During his freshman year in high school, he joined the school's handball team and played there for two years. Besides that he joined his school’s MUN society as an IT member. In his second year, his eagerness to take more responsibilities pushed him to design a poster for MUN society without knowing anything about photo editing software. His failure at this task helped him to enroll in a Photoshop course in our school. After the course he took a significant role as a designer/IT in his school which resulted in him being Director of the IT team in MUN society and Director of the Media team in Haydarpaşa Sportsfest. Besides student societies he formed the school's music band with his friends as a rhythm guitarist but he resigned to pursue his path in student societies.

Despite his responsibilities in two different student societies, he decided to form his school's entrepreneurship society as a founding president. In his third year he overcame a lot of difficulties for MUN society, dealt with assignments for Sportsfest and then gave all of his attention to the Entrepreneurship Society and accomplished society’s first summit with 500 participants and estimable entrepreneurs and influencers.

After he got into ITU he joined his university’s entrepreneurship society and was an event founder & coordinator for entrepreneurship training and a competition called Innovation Boost. After the event he took an active role in the society's other events and he became the society's chairman in the same year. During his time as a chairman he and his team planned the next year and hosted a summit in September and then he resigned from his position in October.

However, he joined the

ITU GINOVA (Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship) as an assistant student. He took an active role in EU projects and in many events like Startup Huddle İstanbul, EELISA Research-based Learning Symposium I, Tuesday Talks and Failure Week etc. And he continues to be a part of İTU GINOVA.

His acquaintance with the University Innovation Fellows program is the result of him being in ITU GINOVA. He participated in a program called Fire Up Changemakers and was nominated for the UIF program due to his success in the program.

Moreover, he is on the advisory board of Society 5.0 Academy, member of Haydarpaşa High School Alumni Association and consultant to Haydarpaşa Entrepreneurship Society. Also he is working on his startup (idea stage) with his friend from high school.


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