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Komang Candra Brata.jpg
Komang Candra Brata, S.Kom., M.T., M.Sc.
School (Cohort)
Universitas Brawijaya (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Lecturer of Informatics Engineering Programme


Komang Candra Brata is a lecturer from the Faculty of Computer Science, Brawijaya University. He focuses on Multimedia, Games and Mobile. He is one of the lecturers from the department of informatics engineering who is quite active in participating in activities in the field of science. One of the activities he has participated in is being a participant in the BIG DATA training in 2016. He has also been the chief executive of workshop activities with the theme "Online Learning by Gojek: Product Development Process". This activity aims to increase student knowledge and competence with the latest technology in the field of application product design and user experience. With this program, he also hopes that FILKOM UB and PT. AKAB can establish better cooperation in the future.
As a lecturer, he is also part of the Quality Assurance Unit team under the Department of Informatics Engineering. In addition, he also has several experts in various fields, including Augmented Reality, Web Design, Web Programming, UI/UX, Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development, and Distributed Systems.


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