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Aaron Bradley
University of Cincinnati
Office of the Provost
United States of America


Aaron Bradley is an Associate Professor and Faculty Lead of the NEXT Innovation Scholars program - a signature cross-disciplinary innovation initiative at the University of Cincinnati. He teaches courses on design thinking, innovation, and digital storytelling, and regularly leads a variety of industry-sponsored design sprints and ideation sessions with students from multiple colleges, academic years, and areas of study. His expertise with experiential learning and developing industry partnerships has led to the creation of multiple new courses and programs, including the “Virtual Innovation Studio”, a cross-disciplinary student consultancy that completes innovation and design research projects for industry clients ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 companies. Professor Bradley’s scholarly and professional expertise include transdisciplinary collaboration, new program development, and the creation of university/industry partnerships. He is also the creator and host the Undisciplined by Design podcast, featuring conversations with creative leaders who leverage “discipline-blur” as an innovation catalyst.


Led the creation and launch of the nation’s first fine arts co-op program at a public university

Co-founder, experience architect, and creative director of the Engaging Emerging Creatives (E2C) symposium, a 2-day event which attracts to 500+ students and 200+ professionals from as many as 25 states and 48 cities

Created and led an annual cross-disciplinary non-profit "creative blitz" with as many as 400 student participants completing pro-bono design and strategy work during a 4-hour sprint. The event facilitated 6400 hours of free creative work for local non-profits over it’s four-year run.

Awards and recognitions:

2021 recipient of the first ever "John Dewey Innovation Award" for significant contributions to university innovation with direct impact

2019 recipient of a presidential "Co-op 2.0 Innovation" award for creating an industry sponsored course/internship hybrid experiential learning model

2018 recipient of the annual "Outstanding Service Award" from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP)

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