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University of Technology Sydney - Faculty of Engineering and IT



The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) was founded in 1988 and is located in NSW, Australia.  A modern focus and a drive for innovation has enabled UTS to quickly climb global rankings, currently ranked number one in Times Higher Education top 100 universities under 50. With an overall ranking of 21 worldwide for all universities founded in the last 50 years.

An industry focus with modern courses and state-of-the-art equipment has enabled its degrees and students continue to become more renounced and respected worldwide. UTS has shown a passion to continue this movement through it's 1 Billion dollar investment to fundamentally change the way that teaching, learning and research is delivered.

Student Entrepreneurship

UTS is located in Ultimo which is the most heavily populated Start-Up area in Australia, similar to Silion Valley in the United States. Leveraging this, UTS has become one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial campuses in Australia. There are various programs implemented by UTS to encourage student entrepreneurship including,

- The Hatchery Ideate program: a 6 month extra curricular program, designed to give students the upper-hand in launching start-ups

- The Hatchery Accelerate program: a 10 week start up accelerator which gives student startups the tools and connections to grow their business at a rapid pace. The Accelerate program also includes $2000 of unconditional seed funding to startups which have been accepted into the program.

- Student Run Innovation and Entrepreneurial Societies on Campus

- Hackathons & Competitions including Project Pitch and 3P Competition, designed to launch competitive businesses

Each of these programs are trans-disciplinary, with no limitations or restrictions to certain faculties, degree types or year levels. The culmination of each of these has enabled UTS to become an active player in the Australian Start-Up Community. Helping to grow and support the culture, values and organisations within the Australian start-up ecosystem.

Faculty of Trans-Disciplinary Innovation (FTDI)

Over the years, UTS has gradually implemented a range of course work within subjects focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship to help students gain an in-depth understanding of these concepts. UTS has also implemented faculty targets to ensure that this momentum continues across all levels of the internal organisation.

UTS, has however, also taken this a step further, through the creation of courses such as,

- Bachelor of Creative Intellegence & Innovation,

- Bachelor of Technology & Innovation

- Masters of Data Science & Innovation

- Masters of Business Adminstration in Entrepreneurship, and many others.

These courses are designed to equip students with the diverse skills necessary to thrive in a future full of unknowns. In these courses, students are placed into high pressure situations with limited time frames and diverse teams where they are forced to experiment and learn from their mistakes. This leaves academics to take on the role of mentor as students are encouraged to not only develop creative solutions, but also to interpret the brief itself in interesting and differnet ways.

University Opportunities

UTS has provided a huge range of different opportunities to help students grow and develop their passion for both Innovation and Entrepreneurship. These include,

Hackathon Weekends such as:

- Project Pitch (Weekend Long Competition to create, test and launch Start-Ups, with over $10,000 in prize money)

- 3P Competition (Competition run by the Business Faculty focusing on People, Planet & Profit with over $20,000 in prize money)

Entrepreneurial Based Student Societies Including,

- Australian Collaborative Entrepreneurial Society (ACES) Focused on creating Entrepreneurship activities for students.

- BCII Connect, a student society dedicated to creating a community for and around students of the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation.

University - Industry Collaboration

The university of technology has a reputation for being an extremely practical university. Focusing on and encouraging industry placements, internships and practical experience throughout courses. In some instances, this real-world experience is compulsory for students to complete.

This focus has enabled university students to better understand the job market and get real life experience. Placing them in a much better position to obtain a job upon graduation. Industry professionals also regularly mentor students during their semester at the hatchery and help design business models for potential student run start-up companies.

Start-Up Companies

UTS’s constant support and entrepreneurial education has assisted may students develop million-dollar start-up companies straight out of university. Some of the companies developed and formed in the UTS environment include Cube rider, which is the first private Australian company to put satellites in space and Wine stash, which is predicted to make 3 million dollars during its third year.

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