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Rkbio.jpgRK Hanock IV is a Unniversity Innovation Fellow and attends Colorado State University with a major in natural sciences and a concentrartion in biology education. RK is passionate about teaching and science and something very important to him in including diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Every students voice deserves to be heard and to do this RK wants to build an environment in which students feel safe to share their thoughts. RK is passionate about getting students motivated to stay in school and achieve their goals through science. Growing up, RK saw many kids struggle which motivated him to be the light in these kids lives, build relationships with them, and help them realize that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. 

Outside the classroom, RK's hobbies include baseball and he has been coaching a high school basebsall team for 4 years. Besides that, RK is very passionate about the environmemnt and anything outdoors, especially fishing. The last major thing is family. Family is a huge part of RK's life and motivation. 

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