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Patricia Ho is a Graphic Design major studying at the California State University, Fullerton. As a mixed Asian-American

Chinese, Vietnamese and Hmong descent, she was born in Clovis, CA, grew up in San Jose, CA, lived four years in Madison, WI, and am now living and going to school in Fullerton, CA. Her experiences throughout her life have motivated her to become a well rounded person and she is constantly learning new things in areas such as coding and finance. Patricia's strong interest in art motivates her to combine art, design and technology in order to become a designer that plays a useful, economic role in society by designing visuals, products and services that can benefit people’s lives. In college, she is actively seeking out work that allows her to use design thinking skills while helping others along the way. Involved in her school’s art interclub council and an interdisciplinary club called SINC (Student Innovation Collective) while having an on campus marketing assistant job and freelance web designing work on the side, Patricia seeks to improve her skills and knowledge in and out of the design field and learn more about user experience and interactive design. While Patricia has free time away from school and work, you can find her catching up on reading, running on the treadmill or track, biking or simply catching up on sleep.