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                         Krishnaveni Maram is pursuing under graduation in the field of Computer Science&Engineering at QIS College of Engineering  & Technology.She distinguished for her ability of a quick problem solving and bug free coding.Her hobbies are love to learn new things,staying upto date with all recent technology and improving herself with peace of changing time. Her strong point is that she can learn fast,she can work in a team and she do posses good leadership skills as well.

             she has always been very passionate about leadership and communication.She strives to merge these passions with her interest in the natural environment to better educate people on the impact of climate change.She plans to do this through the innovation club on her campus,holding speakers,seminars,workshops and pop-up classes.

              She is a rare type of student who combines exceptional natural abilities with a willingness and eagerness to learn.She is able to help her peers with difficult mathematical concepts,but does so in a way that is both practical and non condescending.Although she is aware of her natural ability in the area of mathematics she is constantly challenging her self.

              She is very keen on advertising.In addition to that she could find time to practice sports.she's good kho-kho player and dancer and her intellectual ability,perseverance,and enthusiasm for working are qualities that should help her well in her future.

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