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Karran Costley is currently a junior Electrical Engineering major at Morgan State University. He strives with his classes obtaining a 3.78 GPA. He is from Baltimore Maryland and enjoys excersising in his free time. He is an ambitious individual and was one of the first students from Morgan State Universirty to Intern with Sandia National Laboratories as a freshman. His short term goal in life is to graduate at the top of his class in Electrical Engineering. His long term goal is to become an entreprebneur. 

Karran Costley is one of the first males in his family to graduate highschool. Even more he is one of the first men in the family to attend college. Karran loves to take risks and experience new obstacles. He feels if he conquers each obstacle it makes him a more well rounded individual. He is a memeber of several organizations on campus. He was apart of the Morgan State University (MSU) Tutoriong program where he tutored and mentored kindergarten - elementary school students. He also is a memeber of the Collegiate 100 where he provides community service and mentoring to the youth in Baltimore Maryland. Karran also works for the Engineering Department by helping students earn internships or full time jobs.

Karran heard about the Innovation Fellows and was extremely excited to start the process to become a Fellow. He felt that the Innovation Fellows Program can help him to become a more efficient entrepreneur in the future. He also loves the fact that he can Network with numerous types of students around the world. He finds that oppertunity to be golden and will take it to full advantage. He works hard and strives ro be the best; further more, he is determined to become an Innovation Fellown of 2016.