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Ghanashyam is the India Program Manager for the University Innovation Fellows program. He handles all the operations of the program in India and works with the students from Indian institutions to be change-agents on campus. \

Ghanashyam has over 12 years of experience spanning a variety of areas, including technology evangelism, tech audience marketing, project management, and in-the-trenches design and development. He has lead more than 15 design sprints in India & MENA region working with 70+ startups.

A former Microsoft Ambassador and a current Intel Software Innovator & Google Expert for UI/UX, Ghanashyam is always in the lookout for opportunities to come up with innovative solutions to address our day-to-day problems, as well as mentoring the next generation of innovators. He is very passionate about driving change in the education system to adopt new technologies and ensure students graduating from institutions in India have better chances of getting employment. He is actively working toward the same.