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Chalisa is a Cinema and Television Arts major at California State University, Fullerton. Her passions are in storytelling in motion pictures as well as in public

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speaking. Chalisa comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so that mentality is engrained into her head. Chalisa’s goal is to inspire the youth to believe in themselves and take action.

She currently started a clothing brand called Passion Creates using her values to create a public motivation. Chalisa is apart of two clubs on campus and is on the executive board for both. One is an entrepreneurship fraternity and the other one is called the Student Innovative Collective where her and her team promote social change through design, much similar to what is done at UIF. 

For fun,  Chalisa enjoys being very active and exploring the world. She has a Youtube channel that is shared with her three friends who all go to different colleges. The Youtube channel is used to keep in touch and up to date on each others lives. Chalisa finds most joy in creating new relations and learning about other people.