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Founded in 1962, the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) lies in the heart of the beautiful Caribbean. Although UVI is located in one of the most popular vacation spots in the world, it offers far more than just sun, sand, sea and palm trees. The UVI experience is uniquely multi-cultural, international, entrepreneurial and intellectually stimulating. UVI provides a vital and exciting environment for educating future leaders of the global 21st century community.



A university surrounded by clear, blue waters, the University of the Virgin Islandsis historically American, uniquely Caribbean and globally interactive. With approximately 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students, UVI focuses on producing students who are able to lead nations, perform efficient research and serve the world with the help of their balanced, globally sensitive minds.  Learning experiences such as global partnerships and student exchange programs allow students to grow both mentally and spiritually. This gives students a sense of well-roundedness that is needed as they strive to be professionals in the real world.

Academic and Certificate Programs

Entrepreneurship Minor

The minor in Entrepreneurship is offered to all UVI students regardless of their degree program. The program is designed to supplement any other degree with a focus on the fundamental skills of entrepreneurship covered in six courses or eighteen total hours. Entrepreneurship education will prepare the student with the tools and experiences necessary to explore the role of new venture creation and growth within their primary discipline. The minor is equally accessible to non-business students through the creation of a set of four, one credit hour, online concept courses that provide maximum flexibility to any UVI student wishing to pursue the minor.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship Program

UVI offers a certificate in proficiency in entrepreneurship to allow participants to deeply explore a specific aspect of entrepreneurship.  The program is open to all UVI students regardless of their degree program.  Non-matriculated students from the community are also welcome to participate.

13-D Entrepreneurship Competition

The student entrepreneurship competitions were made possible by a $5 million gift to UVI frominvestment strategist and entrepreneur Kiril Sokoloff, the founder of 13D Research on St. Thomas. The gift supports 13D Student Entrepreneurship Competitions, a Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship Endowed Chair and the Entrepreneurial Speaker Series at UVI. The first college-level 13D Student Entrepreneurship Competition concluded in May, 2012. The first presentation in the speaker series was made in March by acclaimed business woman and philanthropist Loida Nicolas. The 13-Competition is sponsored by Innovative Companies, which has made a significant long-term commitment of $50,000 a year to support the entrepreneurship effort.

Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

The University of the Virgin Islands is a learner-centered institution dedicated to the success of fits students and committed to enhancing the lives of student in the U.S Virgin Islands and the wider Caribbean. The University of the Virgin Islands achieve all of his through innovative research and responsive community service. We believe that it is essential to stimulate the minds of students towards innovation and entrepreneurship indiscriminately of their majors. Although we lack certain resources which accounts for our minimal innovation and entrepreneurial stimulation there are few to be pin pointed.

·         The College of Science and Mathematics here at UVI promote directed independent research of topics of choice to afford students the opportunity of being involved in their learning. Here students are engaged in the conceptualization of ideas as a means of solving a targeted problem

·         Innovation Center: This has recently been created by Innovation Fellows to create a zone of self-directed leaning as well as to allow students to have a more hands on approach to creativity in learning.

·         There has been one hackathon so far that was held on the Campus to spur on the minds of students towards thinking about the bigger picture as it relates to Entrepreneurship and advancement.

·         In addition to the initiatives listed above, there is also the Centre for Student success which aims to meet the needs of students as it relates to developing their thinking skills and achieving greater academic standings.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences here at UVI also helps to promote and certain degree of Innovation and Entrepreneurial activity in certain required courses. Overall the Entrepreneurial activities at the University of the Virgin Islands is lacking and it far from its prime.


Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

The faculty members here at the University of the Virgin Islands ae being greatly encouraged to innovate and pursue their entrepreneurial pathways. About 20% of the faculty members are playing dual roles in shifting between faculty and entrepreneurs where they are encouraged to commercialize their research. This helps to encourage students to explore their entrepreneurial potential as more than often students are selected to work with faculty members on their research or business establishments. This helps to promote a more Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem on the Campus.

Actively supporting the university technology transfer function

The University of the Virgin Islands currently has no University tansfer function due to the lack of resoucrces that are provied by our technology transfer office. This is one of the major problems we are faced with and are hoping to resolve in the near future.

Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration

The University of the Virgin Islands has but one avenue that is aimed at facilitating University-Industry Collaboration. This is the UVI Research and Technology Park (RT Park). Attached below is a link that would direct you to the site.

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts

The University of the Virgin Islands currently has no extent to which we are engaging with regional and local economic development efforts. We also have no economic development office that promotes the University's research and development for positive local economic benefit.

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