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The University of Florida (UF) has a rich history of being on the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. As a research university with over 150 research centers and institutes on one  contiguous campus, as well as over 1000 student organizations to be involved in, UF presents plenty of opportunities for students to gain experience and make impacts in their fields of choice. Additionally, the Gator Nation consists of a growing network of accomplished leaders and resources in industry that are always connected with the university rooted in Gainesville, Florida.

 With highly regarded programs in engineering, business, medicine, and more, UF follows a mission to “enable our students to lead and influence the next generation and beyond for economic, cultural and societal benefit.” In following this mission, the University of Florida has adopted initiatives to help  foster student leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Now more than ever, the atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Florida is growing as students look to acquire the skills necessary to change the world.

U.S. News & World Report ranked the University of Florida as the 14th-best public university in the United States, and 48th overall among all national universities, public and private. UF was recognized as a Public Ivy in 2001, and a “preeminent” state university in Florida by Governor Rick Scott in 2013.


Promoting Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Graduate Classes from the College of Business for a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurship Lecture Series
  • Starter Space + CEI Entrepreneurial Speaker & Workshop Series
  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (ENT 6506)
  • Innovation and Sustainability: Business Doing Good
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunity
  • First 100 Days

Undergraduate Classes from the College of Business

  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (ENT 3503)
  • Venture Planning for Social Entrepreneurs (ENT 4934)
  • Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP)

Graduate and Undergraduate Classes from the College of Engineering Innovation Institute

  • Engineering Entrepreneurship (EGN 4641 / EGN 6640)
  • Engineering Innovation (EGN 4643 / EGN 6642)
  • Engineering Leadership

Campus Programs in Innovation & Entrepreneurship:

  • Big Idea Gator Business Plan Competition
  • NetImpact-Walmart Sustainability Better Living Business Plan Competition
  • Eco Innovation Challenge at UF
  • Social Entrepreneurship Category of the Howard Leonhardt Business Plan Competition
  • 3 Day Start Up Gainesville
  • Start up Weekend Gainesville- run by alum nearby (in fall semester)
  • Gator Hatchery
  • Small Idea Competition
  • Better Living Business Plan Competition

Student Organizations in Innovation & Entrepreneurship:

  • CEI Ambassadors
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • UF NetImpact Chapter (Graduate)
  • Change the World UF (undergraduate)
  • Humanitarian InterACTION on Campus (HIC)
  • Women's Entrepreneurship Initiative (Graduate)
  • Gator100
  • Gator Innovators
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Initiative
  • NOBE

Maker Spaces

  • A2 Fab Lab
  • Infinity Hall
  • Marston 3D Printing Lab
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Rapid Prototyping Facility
  • Mechanical Engineering Student Shop
  • NEXUS Building (Under Construction)

 Encouraging Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Faculty Fellows
  • Creative Campus Committee
  • The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC)
  • Entrepreneur in Residence
  • Gainesville Entrepreneurial Resource Center

Actively Supporting the University Technology Transfer Function

  • UF Office of Technology Licensing 
  • Gator Hatchery
  • UF Entrepreneurship Law Clinic
  • UF Grant Writing Services for Humanities
  • Seed Grant Opportunities
  • EPI Seed Funding
  • Starter Space

Facilitating University-Industry Collaborations

  • TEDxUF
  • Gator Engineering Innovation Summit
  • The Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC)
  • Integrated Technology Venture Program (ITV)
  • Integrated Product and Process Design (IPPD)

Engaging with Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts

  • Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Starter Space Partnership
  • Gainesville Entrepreneurship Month
  • Start Up Hour
  • Innovation Gainesville
  • Innovation Hub
  • Sid Martin Biotechnology Incubator
  • Gainesville Starter Space
  • The HackerHouse
  • Veterans Entrepreneurship Program (VEP)

Projects Pitch Video, Campus Landscape, and Related Links 

For a more comprehensive overview of the innovation and entrepreneurship environment at the University of Florida, please view our landscape canvas below.

Landscape Canvas 2015-2016

For more information on what we hope to accomplish at our university, check out our student priorities.

For information on our University Innovation Fellows:

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Jasmine Perez

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